Eureka Mountain Mine Ride is a steel Wild Mouse roller coaster that is currently standing but not operating at Dreamworld on the Gold Coast, Australia. In early 2015, Dreamworld was reported they were doing testing on the ride and may open for the 2016 anniversary; however this is unknown.

Eureka Mountain Mine Ride


The Eureka Mountain Mine Ride opened on 11 December 1986 alongside the Thunder River Rapids Ride as part of Dreamworld new land, Gold Rush Country.

On 7 November 2006, the Eureka Mountain Mine Ride closed for maintenance. At the time Dreamworld stated that the ride would be closed temporarily to ensure the safety of all guests. In 2010, Dreamworld stated that the closure of the ride "basically came down to new ride technology, upgraded safety regulations and responding to what the public wanted. Like the old Thunderbolt Rollercoaster, the mine ride served us well for 25 years and was “retired...” to make way for newer computerised attractions like The Claw, The Motorcoaster and AVPX. In Summary - rides have a life span - like a car - it comes to a time when you need to spend a lot of $$ to fix it up so when it is no longer a very popular attraction sometimes it is better to invest in something newer...... ". The ride itself remains standing to this day with the queue and entrance transformed to house a couple of carnival-style games.